Curriculum vitae

Dipl. Ing. Alfred Rüthlein


1959-1964: Elementary School at Hörblach (teached by my father!)
1964-1973: High school: Armin Knab Gymnasium at Kitzingen
1973-1974: Military Airforce service at "Bundeswehr"
1974-1979: Study of Electrical Engineering at Technical University Munich; Completion with Diploma degree

Professional Experience

1979-1982: High frequency engineering at Messserschmidt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB), Munich: Parabolic Antenna design for direct broadcasting satellite: TV-SAT
1982-1986: Design Engineer at Sachs Systemtechnik. Mechatronic design on vehicle chassis and drivetrain systems
1986-1993: Electronic design manager at Mannesmann Sachs AG, Schweinfurt: Design of clutch control systems
1993-2013:  Power electronic design for electric drives (electric / hybrid vehicle applications, crankshaft starter / alternator application)